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My bad, but hey – have you seen Dr Horrible Act II yet?

Yeah, I know – where’s Future Entertainment Part 3?
I’m tempted to put the old ‘my dog ate it’ excuse but I think you’re probably more discerning than that. No? Well then – I’m sorry I haven’t put Part 3 up yet, my dog ate it. So there.

Back in the virtually real world
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a real-live phenomenon (it’s that word again – I still can’t spell it right without the spellcheck) going on in the Interwebs, even as you are reading this. Yes, Dr Horrible Act I and II have been released to a storm of interest, and the final Act III is scheduled for release on the 17th July. Have you seen it yet? No?! Well get over to the Official Website and get watching! There has been so much buzz about it I won’t repeat it all here. All you need is the Official Fan Site for all the latest information. The other Acts were released at midnight EST, and there’s every reason to think Act III will be too. And then it’ll all be offline by the 20th July, so you need to make sure you watch, and soon!

Is it any good? I mean, is worth my while watching?
Yes and most certainly YES! There’s so many reasons why but suffice it to say that all the high expectations I had (and I had many) have been surpassed. Joss Whedon and an amazing team of writers, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris all acting their hearts out while seeming so natural. The story, the acting, the singing, the songs, the production values….This is history in the making and you need to be there at the start so you can tell future generations that you were there when the Future Entertainment arrived. Just, like, don’t tell them about how the dog ate Future Entertainment Part 3. You believed it, but they might not. You know how uppity those future people can be.


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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Not long to wait now – 15th July is the first installment!

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